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Welcome to Bridging Finance 4U

Bridging Finance is typically used to purchase or refinance funds from property quickly. As the process is much quicker than a typical mortgage and non status funds are released fast and as such rates are higher than traditional mortgages. Most lenders are not interested so much in you but the security and the exit. The benefits mean you can purchase an auction property within the 28 days deadline or negotiate a good deal on a property based on the fact you can complete quickly. We offer vast range of Property development loans, Fast bridging loans and with suitable commercial Bridging finance solutions. We even have a lender who can supply a formal offer subject to valuation within 3 hours of your initial Enquiry. If you already have a charge on your property and need funds quickly for a business venture bridging lenders also offer 2nd & 3rd charge finance. Lenders will lend commercial bridging finance on residential properties inc semi commercial properties and land within England, Scotland & Wales. Instead of going to every lender you may of heard of just come to us so we do all the hard work for you. We have relationships with all the major lenders and private funders and speak directly to decision makers so can be assured of the most competitive rates. Rates
  • From 0.65% pcm up to 60% ltv
  • 0.69% pcm up to 70% ltv
  • 1.00% pcm up to 75% ltv
  • 1.25% pcm up to 75% ltv with adverse
  • 1.25% pcm upto 100% purchase price with 30% disc on OMV
  • 2% lenders arrangement fee
  • Interest deducted from loan or paid monthly by yourself
  • Lenders sols from £450 depending on lender
  • Valuation from £250 depending on lender and location
  • 1 month to 24 months facility
  • Funds can be released with 3-5 days if val access available and your solicitors act quickly.