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Development Finance Options

The economy is certainly better today than it was several years ago. The job market has stabilised, downward pressure on wage
is has eased and property values have been on the rise in most major markets. However, there is no question the economic
environment is still much different than it was before the financial collapse of 2008-2009.

While the property market has experienced positive growth in recent years, financing remains constricted in many areas. Investors
and individuals looking to purchase property still need viable development finance options, especially when they already own
property but would like to move forward with a purchase before selling the property they already own.

Bridge financing is certainly not a long-term option that you want to use as a 10 or 20 year solution but it can offer you a path that
allows you access to the funding needed for a purchase and ultimately the time to secure longer-term financing. The terms are
flexible and rates are very competitive with other financing options. Bridge loans offer buyers the chance to move forward with future
plans and not get delayed simply because they are waiting for another transaction to take place in the near future.

If you have had trouble finding development finance that meets your needs and are interested in working with bridge financing
experts then please contact us. We offer a wide range of options and always customise loans based on our clients individual needs.

Below is example from just one lender. Contact us for specific terms for yourselves. Loans over 4m rates of under 5% P.A available.

PP LTGDV Min Loan LTC Arrange Fee Int P.A Exit
70% 60% £3m 80% 1% 6.5% 1.5%
70% 65% £2m 80% 1.25% 8.0% 2.%
70% 70% £1m 85% 1.5% 10% 1.25%

Bridging Loans UK Can Be Fast

Bridging loans solve this problem by providing short-term funding to the buyer for the transaction at hand while waiting on the funds from another transaction. The approval process can be very quick and terms can be customised to fit a wide range of circumstances. Of course, this is provided you deal with a finance company that is knowledgeable and monitors the bridge loan market daily.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure a quick and easy bridge loan process:

  • Choose a finance company that is an expert in the bridge loan market.
  • Be honest and upfront with your loan consultant so they can tailor a solution that will be the right fit.
  • Verify your chosen finance company has more than 3 or 4 lender options available.
  • Be prepared to make a commitment and move forward, a good finance company can arrange bridging loans within a day or two in some cases.
  • If you have an important real estate transaction pending and you need to arrange short-term funding, don’t settle for dealing with a company that is less than an expert in the market. Choosing the right provider can save you time, money, and many headaches.

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