Bridging finance in London is very popular as rates are much more reasonable than in the past. This is partly due to cheap funding now being availble and a much more competitive market. We also have a lender where no application forms are required by them and offers can be issued within 1 hour subject to valuation.

Bridging finance approval remains influenced mainly by the asset being used as security. Previously and even now some lenders focus too much on the client. For speed and ease we will ensure your application is put forward to lenders with the least resistance and willing to lend. Even though we are based in London we cover the whole UK.

Bridging Finance-London Buyers Looking for Flexible Options

Traditional mortgage lenders now require huge amounts of paperwork and documentation for almost every area of an applicant’s life. The application and approval process can be very frustrating and take a very long time, sometimes taking several months from start to finish.

Bridge loans provide a much faster option for buyers that need short-term financing and need to move forward with a purchase now. Sometimes the approval process takes just a day or two and funding can happen in only a few days. This is why many buyers are now choosing bridge loans to facilitate their purchase.

They can complete the purchase, move into their new home and continue future plans without the process completely putting life on hold. They can then search for a permanent finance solution when it is convenient and without having to rush.

Bridging Finance-London Home Purchase

If you have already selected a new property and you ready to move forward with the purchase, but financing is slowing you down, then consider bridging finance. Flexible terms, fast approvals and a wide range of loan options can make it an excellent fit for many situations. If you have questions about bridging finance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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