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Bridging Loan Calculator

Loan Amount
Term required
Monthly interest rate:
Lender Arrangement Fee
Monthly Interest Charged
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Other Costs

Valuation fees: £300 min
Lender's admin fee: £350
Lender's legal costs: £850
Telegraphic transfer fee: £35
Redemption admin fee: £100

Bridging Finance Calculator Mistakes

We are experts in the short-term and bridge loan financing industry with many years of experience in the marketplace. One of our core company goals is to provide fast approvals, an easy application process and clear terms quickly to every client we deal with.

While we have an excellent record of accomplishment and a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, we cannot always avoid every problem. Unfortunately, many of the problems that cause clients the most stress are factors that actually have nothing to do with our involvement. In most cases, the culprit is simply bad information and inaccurate facts.

Bad information about bridge loans can come from many different sources, but most often, it is either the internet or an inexperienced lender to blame. The short-term financing market is extremely volatile and changes daily. Unless you specialise in this type of loan product like we do, then you may be giving client’s outdated information.

Additionally, many websites that advertise bridging finance calculators will post general information that does not align with current market conditions. This can give clients unrealistic expectations or possibly discourage them needlessly.

Get the Real Facts

We encourage our clients to do their own research and be informed. In fact, we think it is a good idea to spend a minute or two with a bridging finance calculator so you are prepared for the general figures that might be involved with a particular transaction. However, if you need a bridge loan or short-term funding that is accurate and efficient, then please contact us and let us help you obtain accurate information that will actually accomplish your goals.

Every real estate transaction involves serious financial consequences and it is crucial you deal with a finance provider that can deliver the real facts.

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